Psychic fortune telling has always been a popular thing all over the world. The subject of spiritually-gifted people giving advice on spiritual matters is nothing new, throughout our history, there has always been psychics predicting future events.

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The modern word “psychic” originates from the Greek word “psychikos” which translates to “of the soul”. Therefore, psychic readings concern the spiritual side of things. If you live in the NZ, you might have already encountered fortune telling in NZ streets and shops, even online sites offer NZ fortune telling. So with all the buzz about fortune telling, you should give a try if you haven’t already.

Psychic Consultations

Even when the word psychic often invokes a negative perception in mainstream society, many people still consult psychic clairvoyants. Not everyone is out to play tricks on other people, after all.

Some have devoted the better part of their lives exploring the possibilities and boundaries of spirituality. What they learn can open doors into the future, something you seek for one reason or another.

How does psychic fortune telling work?

When a spiritually-attuned person goes into a trance-like a state (be it via meditation or silence) they are able to receive visions of the highest order that is interpreted as psychic readings. The readings can be accompanied by divinations, which is similar to psychic reading but uses tools like tarot cards, kumalak beads, coffee cup, runes, stars (astrology) or tea leaves. All of these objects can reveal symbols that are further interpreted by a spiritual psychic. This makes up real psychic readings.

Global Modern Trends in Fortune Telling

You may have had a psychic reading before or you may be a skeptic, there has never been a better time to find out if psychics can actually be of benefit. With the internet so advanced, all you have to do is search for online genuine psychic readings or a psychic chat.

These talented spiritual psychics from Pendragon Psychics & Tarot that you can reach online offer psychic readings live and in real time. Also, psychic websites that offer psychic readings usually offer dream analysis, astrology readings, tarot card readings, and so on.

Make sure to read more about the service provider and reviews to ensure you’re dealing with someone genuine.

The Real McCoys

  • They don’t ask too many questions but focus on your palm, Tarot cards, and other tools.
  • They will talk about things you can easily prove or disprove.
  • They will readily admit their mistakes if their reading is incorrect.
  • They say what they say even when it seems unbelievable.
  • They can provide you with written or taped copy of your conversation with them as they are not afraid of comebacks.


Some websites specialise in tarot card readings and others in psychic readings. Many major psychic chat services offer free minutes to win your trust, also to prove that they are genuine psychics. And your search will return many websites who offer all things metaphysical.

Always follow your inner intuition when seeking a psychic clairvoyant online. After all, psychics do not find you; it is your inner self that seeks and finds the spiritual psychic.

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